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How To Craft Excellent Essay For US College

Get Creative

Whenever someone asks me how to write a good college essay, I always tell them to use their imagination and get extremely creative. The more attractive the content, chances are that your application gets accepted. Think of the essay as a platform to brand yourself to the reader. Point out your most impressive traits and skills to make the show the admissions counsellor that you are the best choice. Don't hesitate to entertain the reader. Try to add light humour to the essay and make it as enjoyable as possible. Using straight forward and plain content might bore the reader, making him move on to the next application. That's why a stone-cold bland essay will serve you no good. Being creative does not only mean that you should add achievements in a specific way, but it also means to show your poor performance as shortcomings in a way that it adds to your strengths. All students have ups and downs in their lives. You should explain your weaknesses in a way that the applications counsellor knows that you learnt a lot from that particular irregularity in your career. If you still lack the creative ability to produce the best application essay, you may hire fand leave all the hard work to the expert writers.

Provide New Information

Rather than sharing the same old information that can be viewed by looking at your transcript, try to add something new. Reviewers are always interested in an application that brings something extraordinary to the table. Take a deeper gaze in yourself and try finding things that might amaze the applications counsellor. Break down the barrier of cliché content and think of innovative ways to impress the reader. Don't be afraid and order essay from PerfectEssay to let out your deepest emotions; the reader wants to have a clear picture of your personality and being a closed book won't help you paint a better image in front of the counsellor. If you still have any ambiguity in crafting an excellent essay for a US college, there are several college essay examples available on the internet. Please give them a good read to understand how to write a college essay.

Be Specific

Don't wander off while writing an applications essay. Students might add up irrelevant information because they want to increase the word count. This act will negatively impact the essay, and the reader might overlook your application altogether. Try and ask professionals to write an essay comprehensive but to-the-point essay; otherwise, things may get very dull very quickly. Try and find people who currently study in the same university and ask them for insights on the traits and skills that college is looking for. Include these skills in your personal statement as well as your resume to increase the chances of your selection. A good college essay is specific and allows the reader to have a glance at your personality with an open eye. Think of it as not an essay, but your life story.


Writing a personal essay is not as easy as it looks; however, if you keep a clear head and follow these tips, an exemplary application essay won't be much of a problem. Always remember to recheck it several times before sending it out to your potential colleges.

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