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With “6 Tips to Fundraise for MSA” you can become an important member of the cause! The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition has made great strides to create an era of hope for those suffering from multiple system atrophy. With hopes to foster collaboration within our community, the MSA Coalition encourages its supporters to advocate for those with MSA. As our organization expands in skills, research, and impact, we are looking to the MSA community to participate in and organize live fundraiser events. Everybody in the MSA community needs to become a fundraiser. It is by far the most realistic way multiple system atrophy will receive the funding it needs to achieve major breakthroughs in diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

We have created 6 tips to fundraise for MSA and listed them below. Getting started on your own fundraiser for MSA is the most impactful way you can help the cause. Together, we can make a difference as we work to provide real hope for those with multiple system atrophy.

1. Choose An Event Format or Theme

By hosting a fundraiser for MSA, we are hoping to inspire awareness and participation. In order to encourage action at these events, creativity is key! A unique and entertaining event theme will

The Williams Family at their Fundraiser to Fight MSA. They use several of our 6 tips to fundraise for MSA

The Williams Family at their MSA Fundraiser

boost registrations and strengthen impact for MSA! First consider your target audience. Who do you want to invite to your fundraiser? Would your demographic be more inclined to support a 5K race, fashion show, or benefit dinner?

Land on an event theme that you feel will build excitement. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

  • Golf Tournament: Find a local golf course and request that they donate a few less popular hours to your cause. Athletic events are a great way to get your supporters outside and create a little friendly competition!
  • Pancake Breakfast: Who wouldn’t support MSA when there’s food available? Ask a few volunteers to assist in the preparation and cooking, and ensure that there are options for everyone — vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free foods included!
  • Carnival: Invest in whatever you feel is appropriate. Carousels are fun, but homemade booths and costumes make for a more personalized event experience.

Need more inspiration? Here’s a list of fundraiser ideas you can use.

2. Establish a Budget

Managing your event’s budget isn’t easy. Perhaps the most important factor is starting the budgeting process early and giving yourself ample time to research potential costs. Put together a rough estimate of the capital you have to work with, but make sure to leave room for unexpected expenses. These will almost always arise, and you want to ensure you’re covered in an emergency.

Research is crucial! Shop around and get multiple quotes before selecting a vendor. Even if you have found your perfect vendor, they may be willing to price match if you can find something cheaper. As new quotes come in, be sure to update your budget sheet.

Document everything– create an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet from the very beginning. When creating a budget document, be sure to include all income or expenses, no matter how small. Small purchases can easily creep up and control more of your budget than you might think. We recommend using formulas in your spreadsheet, which will minimize any errors in you budget.

This family used all 6 tips to fundraise for MSA3. Choose a Venue

When selecting a venue for your event, try looking beyond your typical event halls or convention centers. Some of the most exciting fundraisers take place at alternative event spaces, like barns, rooftop gardens, or airport hangars. Think creatively, but make sure to ask keep in mind, budget, attendee capacity, discounts, and package (what’s included in the price).

4. Find a Ticketing or Registration Platform

Once you have finalized all the planning details, give your attendees an easy way to register and order tickets. A nonprofit registration platform makes it easy for your potential attendees to pay online and share your event with others. In addition, it is simple to manage donations, ticketing, and marketing.

5. Market Your Event

When tickets are available, it’s time to spread the word and generate excitement for your fundraiser! Create an event on Facebook that you can share on other social media platforms. Followers of your charity can learn more about your event, and share with friends and family. As word spreads, so will MSA awareness. Be sure to include all the details as well as the registration page! Create flyers to gain local attention and be sure to distribute them widely. Free online graphic design websites make it easy to design custom posters without the hassle of software programs.

6. Follow Up and Review

After your event, sit down and determine the pros and cons of your event. What worked and what didn’t? Noting things that you can fix will make it that much easier to plan your next fundraiser.

One of the easiest ways to generate feedback is through attendee response. Create a short online survey and email it to those who attended your event. A useful survey is short, sent out quickly, and limited to multiple choice questions. Keeping these factors in mind will produce useful data on your event.

For more information on setting up an MSA Fundraising Event: Visit here!

Please let us know what you think of our blog “6 Tips to Fundraise for MSA” in the comments below! We also encourage you to share your own tips and ideas for fundraising.