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By Cathy Chapman, Patient Representative, the MSA Coalition

The MSA Coalition Annual Patient & Family Conference is coming up on September 30 – October 2. Reflecting back to the time I was diagnosed in 2012, I was overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown and where to turn for guidance, knowledge, and support. For my family, it was grasping for an understanding of multiple system atrophy, and for others, it meant denial.

After having attended these conferences in person and virtually since 2016, I have found compassion, knowledge from the top medical professionals, and supportive and understanding friendships. For my family, not only did they gain clarity on what I was facing, they found guidance and support as care partners.

We are not alone but part of the MSA family on this journey together.

The MSA Coalition Annual Patient & Family Conference is Sept 30-Oct 2. Register here for free.