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It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as the Patient Representative on the MSA Coalition Board for the past several years. I am grateful to the Coalition for creating this position as the patient’s perspective and voice is so important as we continue to expand our knowledge through research and in the planning of programming and educational materials.

I have enjoyed being a part of the Conference Planning Committee as one of my main focuses while serving on the board. I feel honored to have a voice when deciding on possible speaking topics and different special interest sessions. I am an artist and feel that art has been a great way to keep my mind and body going while my body changes with the natural progression of MSA. Incorporating artistic experiences has been a passion of mine for patients and caregivers attending the conferences. I hope this tradition can continue! I also feel it is important to have an opportunity to share our experiences with one another and have appreciated the support group sessions and Patient/Caregiver panel discussions that the annual conference provides.

Research is another passion of mine as I hope in the coming years we continue to develop targeted biomarkers to diagnose MSA, as well as better therapeutic medications. The MSA Coalition has funded an incredible pool of research projects that further these efforts and is continually thinking about innovative ways to push research possibilities. As a patient, it is inspiring to see so many passionate people working toward helping our community.

Finally, the MSA Coalition has been a great friend and resource to my family. As much as an honor as it has been to be part of this group, it has also expanded my family of friends. I look forward to continuing as an Emeritus member and working with future Patient Representatives as we continue the great work of the MSA Coalition!

The MSA Coalition recognizes and thanks Hadley for four years of service and is happy she has accepted the Coalition’s offer to remain on the MSA Coalition’s Emeritus Committee.