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The first step in obtaining Northera (droxidopa) is to visit your physician to receive a prescription. Northera is not available without a prescription and your doctor must determine that it is an appropriate treatment option for you or the person you care for.

Northera is indicated and can be prescribed to patients suffering from symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (neurogenic OH) that is secondary to certain neurological conditions, including multiple system atrophy, Parkinson’s disease, and pure autonomic failure.

  • Neurogenic – caused by a malfunction in the nervous system
  • Orthostatic – standing upright
  • Hypotension – low blood pressure

Your doctor will need to determine that you have symptomatic neurogenic OH before prescribing Northera to you. Symptoms of neurogenic OH include dizziness, lightheadedness, feeling like you might pass out, blurred vision, shoulder pain, and difficulty concentrating. Your doctor may take your blood pressure while lying down, sitting and also standing to determine if your blood pressure drops when you stand up.

If you are diagnosed with neurogenic OH, your doctor can prescribe Northera if he feels it is right for you, but only through a specialty pharmacy.

Please note:

  • The doctor cannot use a regular prescription
  • The prescription cannot be filled by your local pharmacist

Once a physician decides that a patient is a candidate for Northera, he/she must complete a Northera Treatment Form and fax it to the specialty pharmacy. This is available at This form includes information about the patient and their insurance, as well as information about the patient’s medical history. This form serves as the initial Northera prescription and must be completed by a licensed medical doctor.

Both the patient/legal guardian and physician must sign the Northera Treatment Form. By signing this form, they are authorizing the specialty pharmacy Northera Support Center to act as their business advocate and work directly with their insurance company for Northera-related matters. Where necessary, the specialty pharmacy NORTHERA Support Center will assist with benefits investigation and prior authorizations that may be required by various insurance plans. In some states, a Starter Prescription of Northera is provided to eligible patients within five business days while benefits (insurance coverage) investigations are pending.

Examples of support provided by the specialty pharmacy NORTHERA Support Center:

  • Assistance for patients with insurance benefits investigation and prior authorizations if required by the patient’s insurance company.
  • Co-pay assistance for both publicly and privately insured patients who qualify.
  • A Patient Assistance Program that will provide ongoing free product for uninsured eligible patients.
  • In some states, a Starter Prescription of NORTHERA is provided to eligible patients within five business days while benefits (insurance coverage) investigations are pending.

What is Specialty Pharmacy?

Specialty Pharmacy is a newer type of pharmacy through which most orphan (rare disease) drugs are now delivered to patients. A specialty pharmacy is not a brick-and–mortar pharmacy. Instead they operate as a call center, mailing prescriptions, and providing a very high-level of support to patients.

Important Disclaimer: The MSA Coalition is not endorsing the use of Northera. We are providing this information because 80% of MSA patients suffer from neurogenic OH and therefore, we are getting many questions on how to obtain Northera. Please visit our website for a comprehensive list of both alternative and medications used to treat neurogenic OH. It is strongly recommended that you visit with your doctor to determine which treatments for neurogenic OH are best for you, if any.