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Why are you fundraising for the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition this holiday season?

Is it in memory of a loved one? Is it to support somebody currently fighting this beast? Do you have MSA and you are 12313746_569936999823828_1573314950766583427_ndoing what you can to help? Whatever your reason, the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge is a great way to raise awareness and money for MSA research. In fact, 100% of every dollar raised during the challenge is going directly into the MSA Research Fund; but, if you really want to maximize the impact of your efforts by giving The MSA Coalition a better chance of winning big bonus donations there are a few important things to consider.

The CrowdRise Holiday Challenge is a great opportunity for charities like the MSA Coalition to raise both awareness and money during the holiday giving season. Any 501c3 charity can participate if they are a CrowdRise partner. For The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition the CrowdRise Holiday Challenge is critical for raising the money needed to fund as many meaningful research projects as possible. The grants we provide allow MSA researchers to test ideas that hopefully lead to a cure and an end to the suffering caused by this rare disorder.

In addition to money raised during this campaign, the Holiday Challenge is a contest with prizes for the charities that can raise the most money for completing certain tasks. Tasks include things such as raising the most money on Giving Tuesday, or our 2nd challenge of getting donations of $25 or more over the next week. Next week it might be a contest based on the number of donors. Regardless each challenge has valuable rewards that can help us fund MSA research or create better awareness.

The key to success is you, our valued fundraisers and your donors. Each week as we announce challenges we need our fundraisers and their donors to take action on that specific challenge. So going back to this week’s new challenge, we need donations of $25 or more. Each $25 increment per donation will give the MSA Coalition an entry in a drawing for a bonus $10,000 donation. The more entries we have the better our odds for winning the prize.

Over the remaining 5 weeks of the Challenge there will be several more bonus prize challenges. For example, the 3rd week we might need 100 donations of $10 or more to qualify for an award. With this in mind it is important for you and your donors to set a budget for the overall challenge and then try to participate in as many weekly tasks as possible within that budget.

So as long as you didn’t reach or surpass your giving budget in Giving Tuesday The MSA Coalition hopes to see you involved as both a donor and fundraiser on individual challenge tasks over the next 5 weeks.

Are you in? if yes, please make a $25 or bigger donation before December 8 at 11:59 pm. If you haven’t yet set up a Holiday Challenge fundraiser, but want to, click here.