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by Cyndi Hungerford (in memory of Mark J. Hungerford)

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO REACH OUR GOAL! and to Defeat Multiple System Atrophy!

Our story began with odd symptoms in 2008 when my husband Mark thought he was walking funny in his boots then on a motorcycle run he nearly lost control of his bike going around a corner. Knowing something was wrong, we started seeing doctors. Doctor after doctor, test after test we were told there was nothing wrong. Finally, after being very persistant for an answer we got a diagnosis of Cerebellum Ataxia. Knowing we could live with that we would just have to adjust our lives to handle the condition.

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Then he started developing new symptoms. He became very dizzy, had double and blurred vision, digestion problems, swallowing problems, dysfunctional bladder and then ended up with a permanent Foley catheter. He lost his ability to walk, talk, write & had constant headaches. Pain in his legs all the time on a daily basis with severe edema! Low blood pressure that was hard to regulate causing him to nearly pass out upon standing, then severely high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, severe Sleep Apnea causing him to stop breathing 19-24 times an hour and the list goes on and on.

Finally his doctor said there was something else going on so there were more tests and then they found it in his brain scan. The doctor explained to us the Cerebellum in the brain should be thick & dense, about the size of a large grapefruit, but this disease causes it to shrink and at his diagnosis it was the size of a 50 cent piece causing his body to fill the empty space in his head with spinal fluid making his head feel sloshy all the time. He couldn’t handle sudden movements at all. He had MSA, Multiple System Atrophy, a cruel degenerative disease with NO CURE!!! We wanted a second opinion so we went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. After 2 days of nonstop tests we got the same news… MSA!!! In the spring of 2013 our whole world changed with this diagnosis!!!

We were devastated!! My husband was a strong man with his whole life ahead of him yet he lost everything, his hopes, his dreams, his dignity. He was completely dependent on me. I cared for him every day 24/7 until October 18th, 2016 when he made his final home in Heaven. We need answers about how to find this earlier and understand it so we can know how to treat it and STOP THIS DISEASE!!

We need a cure for multiple system atrophy!!!!

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>>>>>>> GOD BLESS YOU ALL <<<<<<<<<


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