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The National MSA Support Group supports and participates in the Autonomic Disorders Consortium (ADC). The ADC was established in August 2009 as a Rare Disorders Clinical Research Consortium (RDCRC). The consortium is made up of physicians specializing in autonomic disorders, scientists, nurses, patients and support groups. The Autonomic Disorder Consortium is solely focused on finding new therapies to treat and cure these rare disorders, including multiple system atrophy.

The ADC mission is to study autonomic disorders, like MSA to develop novel treatments The ADC is multidisciplinary and draws strong support from our patients and their support organizations. The Consortium joins with patient support groups to harness the knowledge and energies of physicians and investigators in the major centers where these patients are cared for, so that they can discover ways to treat and to cure these diseases.

The ADC will conduct the following types of research in order to accomplish it’s mission of developing novel therapies aimed at improving quality of life, and ultimately finding cures for each autonomic disorder.

Patient Involvement in the Autonomic Disorder Consortium

MSA patients can get involved in two important ways: