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The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition is dedicated to improving the lives of our multiple system atrophy (MSA) patients and their families. At the close of each year, we ask our community members and supporters to join our Circle of Hope by making a contribution to the Coalition.

This year-end support is a crucial part of our annual fundraising efforts and allows us to kick-start our strategic initiatives in the new year which includes but is not limited to funding important MSA research, educating the community about this rare disease, and providing support to patients and care partners.

Below is our continuously growing list of supporters who have joined Circle of Hope 2022. The MSA Coalition is incredibly grateful to their support and will honor their support through dedication and action for our community!

Interested in joining Circle of Hope 2022? Make your contribution of $100 or more here!


Thank you, Circle of Hope 2022 Contributors!


Platinum ($10K+)

Susan and Alexander Algard
Patrick Costigan
Lisa and Drake Gray
Carol Langer
Joy and Stuart Stein
Move Over MSA

Diamond ($5K-9,999)

Russell Hall
Lefeve Charitable Fund
Ronald Ridel

Gold ($1K-4,999)

Pam Bower
Dan and Jennifer Cripe
Jana Dexter
Robert J Dunne III
Kari Edmondson
Michael Emma
Carol Harrigan
Constance Lacon
Virginia Lee
Richard Levine
Patricia Libby
Mary-Jo McCullough
Sallie McDonald
Gary Peskin
Jennifer Quinn
Stephen Sferrino
Randy Shockey
Jeanette and Overton Smith
Jeaninne Wagner
Alan Williams
Juan Vela
Matt and Vicki Wilson
Gregor Wenning
Kokpeng Yu and Anna Lee Shen
Dan Cavanagh Memorial Fund

Silver ($500-999)

Tiffany Bollis
Kevin Brezina
Alan Brokos
Reed Cathleen
Daniel Claassen
Patricia DeGrow
Steve Gorman
Daniel Harrigan
Nolan Heard
Karen Hester
Gerald Hull
Vera James
Vik Khurana
Phillip Low
Pamela McManus
Sander Pomper
Cynthia Roemer
Cheri Saley
David Wilson
Bass Charitable Fund

Bronze ($100-499)

Kirk Aiken ∙ Nicholas Albright ∙ Richard Aximov ∙ Jim Barker ∙ Charles Berger ∙ Italo Biaggioni ∙ Rita and Jerry Bierman ∙ Vikki Bird ∙ Charmayne Bischel ∙ Elizabeth Blust ∙ Todd Boroson ∙ Dan and Karrie Brooks ∙ Louise Roblin Campbell ∙ Cathryn Chapman ∙ Andrea Chevalier ∙ Donna Conforti ∙ Pietro Cortelli ∙ Isabelle Cote ∙ Andre Cote-Barch ∙ Don Crouse ∙ M. Jane Crowe ∙ Glenn Davis ∙ Milissa Davis ∙ Rebecca Davis ∙ Ronald and Dianne Davis ∙ Wayne and Monique Dittloff ∙ Joyce DeVivo ∙ Dennis Dickson ∙ Joanne Di Lisio ∙ Alessio DiFonzo ∙ Debra Dooley ∙ Diane Ducat ∙ James L. Duffy ∙ Elizabeth Dyas ∙ Lucy Dykes ∙ Avner Eisenberg ∙ Alessandra Fanciulli ∙ Alfonso Fasano ∙ Hadley and John Ferguson ∙ Pierre-Olivier Fernagut ∙ Billy Finnerty ∙ Jaclyn Fiorelli ∙ Barbara Flanagan ∙ Paul Freeman ∙ Catherine Gaylord ∙ Stephan Gotschel ∙ Diane Graham ∙ Frederick Grau ∙ Bill and Karen Haines ∙ Lilly Beaumont Hall ∙ Tracy Hamilton ∙ Joseph Herzig ∙ Edward Higgins ∙ Aimee Hirshorn ∙ Anne and Tony Jacobs ∙ Cathy Keliihoomalu ∙ Lawrence Kellerman ∙ Dawn Koenig ∙ Herbert Kramer ∙ Anthony Lang, M.D. ∙ Merrily Lee ∙ Dean D. Lefebvre ∙ Samuel Louie ∙ Ann Lynch ∙ Allyson Mayeux ∙ Maria McConnell ∙ Nikolaus McFarland ∙ Ernest McFarlin ∙ Ann McMillan ∙ Robert McNutt ∙ Susan Michaels ∙ Margaret Moscato ∙ Rick and Betsy Nalle ∙ Kathleen O’Brien ∙ Richard Ogren ∙ Maria Teresa Pellecchia ∙ Karen Pitcher ∙ Brigitte Popov ∙ Carolyn Risley ∙ Wesslyn Roberson ∙ Binth Rustad ∙ Sonja Scholz ∙ Lynn Schott ∙ Charles Shirley ∙ Henry Singer ∙ Alan Smally ∙ Ann Smith ∙ Gloria Sprague ∙ Iva Stankovic ∙ Nadia Stefanova ∙ Debra Stein ∙ Katherine Stone ∙ Sylvia Summers ∙ Krisana Tantivitoon ∙ Alexandra Tinari ∙ Gary Troutman ∙ Daniel and Joan Tyburski ∙ Percy & Luxmi Vaz ∙ Steven Vernino ∙ Lauren Versel ∙ Neil Versel ∙ Valerie Walsh ∙ Debbie White ∙ Bruce Goldstein Legacy Fund ∙ Stuart and Bonnie Youngentob Philanthropic Fund