Support Hotline: (866) 737-5999

2012 was an exciting year for the SDS/MSA Support Group and to celebrate our success the Board of Directors decided it was time to modernize our name. As such, the Board voted in early January to officially change our name to the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition. The Board feels the new name is very inclusive and reflects our growth beyond being just a support group. Today, the MSA Coalition is still actively involved in patient/caregiver support via our toll-free line, annual meetings and online forums, but is also active in these areas:

  • Research – The MSA Coalition has a dedicated Research Fund and encourages and supports meaningful research into finding a cause and a cure for MSA. 75% of all donations made to the coalition go directly into the Multiple System Atrophy Research Fund
  • Education – The Coalition is actively working on education projects to train healthcare providers on the differential diagnosis and management of multiple system atrophy patients.
  • Advocacy – The MSA Coalition is active in creating awareness around important issues affecting our community and the rare disease community in general. For example, in October 2012, members of the Support Group attended meetings on Capital Hill to raise awareness for MSA and neurogenic orthostatic hypotension as a partner in the Treat NOH Now Coalition.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out new materials and information about the Multiple SystemAtrophy Coalition. In fact, today Over 75 members of the MSA community voted on the new logo for the MSA Coalition, pictured to the right.