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Shopping on Amazon Smile Today!


When you register and select the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition anytime you shop on Amazon Smile, they will donate 0.5% of your total purchase to the MSA Coalition.

Click the “Register for Amazon Smile” button BELOW to get started. Next time you shop, you don’t have to do anything special and your shopping experience will look the same as always, but you’re giving to MSA Coalition.

Amazon Smile is a great way to help fund our important programs without any additional donations on your part. If everybody in the multiple system atrophy community who already shops on Amazon selected our charity in Amazon Smile it would add up to a sizable dollar amount.

Amazon Smile Best Practices:

1) Register and select the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition


Shopping on a Desktop:

Bookmark the Amazon Smile website in your browser (It is a different URL, but provides the exact same shopping experience you are used to). If you continue to shop at the regular Amazon your purchases will not be eligible for an Amazon donation.

Shopping on a Smart Phone App:

Go to the Amazon app and select settings from within the three bar icon. Select Amazon Smile and follow the steps to activate. (Be sure the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition is selected as your default charity.). You only need to do this once. Your app will now default to Amazon Smile.

3) Use your computer or smart phone. Purchases made on your tablet Amazon App are not eligible.

4) Ask all of your friends and relatives if they shop on Amazon. If they do, ask them to select the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition and to shop with Amazon Smile.

Please shop using Amazon Smile today!

Be sure to select The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition as your cause!