How To Set Up an MSA Fundraising Event

Special thanks to the Drive Away MSA fundraising event in honor of Jackie VandenBerg, and especially to Sue Shapiro for sharing and helping with the creation of this multiple system atrophy fundraising kit!

Many people in the MSA community are interested in holding fundraisers to support the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition and its mission to find a cure for this rare and devastating disease.  The hope of this page is to continuously provide relevant and helpful information on how to set up and hold a successful fundraising event.  From articles providing logical steps on plan and execute a fundraiser, to forms and tips, if you are thinking about setting up a fundraiser for MSA, this page should be a huge time saver and resource:

Tips on Planning a Fundraising Event for MSA:

MSA Fundraising Event Planning Tips

Checklists and Tasks for Planning a Successful MSA Fundraising Event:

Sponsorship and Donations Committee Task List

Volunteer Assignments Timelines Sample

Online Fundraising and Ticket Sales:

Online Fundraising and Online Ticket Sales Steps

10 Tips for Raising Money for MSA on CrowdRise

In kind Donation and Event Sponsorship Forms and Letters:

Instructions for In Kind Donation Forms

Sponsorship Donation Form for Tax Deduction

Fundraising event sponsor request

Information for Raffles and Silent auctions:

Raffle and Auction Entry Flyer

Silent Auction Bidding Form Sample

Sample Press Releases:

Sample Event Press Release

After The MSA Fundraising Event Thank You Note Samples

After Event Thank You