Brief Description
The MSA Coalition Advocacy Committee supports the organization’s advocacy agenda through public policy, awareness, advocacy, and community initiatives.

What does a member of the Advocacy Committee do?
Members of the Advocacy Committee support the overall advocacy strategy of the organization by providing knowledge, feedback, active engagement with stakeholders within and outside the MSA community and enhancing awareness of multiple system atrophy at the local, state, and federal levels.

Examples of contributions may include:

  • Support the development of the annual advocacy agenda based on organizational objectives and the shifting legislative landscape.
  • Develop resources and materials to enhance awareness and outreach efforts to elected officials.
  • Monitor local and state legislation with potential impact on MSA patients and their families.
  • Engage with elected officials at the municipal, state, and federal levels to provide insight on legislation that may affect the multiple system atrophy community.

What type of volunteer(s) are you looking for this year?
The Advocacy Committee is a nimble volunteer body, designed to be efficient, responsive, and diverse to ensure the MSA Coalition is effective in our advocacy efforts and meeting annual outcomes. To that end, this year we are searching for the following specific perspectives and skills to enhance our committee:

  • Patient member – you are a current MSA patient with an interest in advocacy and increasing awareness of multiple system atrophy to elected and public officials.
  • Care Partner member – you are a current or recent care partner (within the past five years) for an MSA patient.
  • Experienced advocacy member – you have personal, professional and/or volunteer experience with public policy, advocacy, and the legislative process.

General qualifications for the committee include:

  • Interest in advocacy, public policy, community initiatives, coalition-building, and enhancing external organizational network.
  • Ability to respond to Committee communications in a timely manner.
  • Strong communication and research skills to understand current and pending legislation.
  • Access and schedule flexibility to attend regularly scheduled virtual committee meetings.

What is the time commitment?
We estimate 2 – 4 hours of volunteer time to committee work per month, which may vary based upon assignments and time of year.

Each committee member shall serve a two-year term to support continuity, with an option to renew for one additional term.

What skills and leadership competencies will I develop?
As a key contributor to the work of the MSA Coalition’s advocacy initiatives, there will be an opportunity to acquire and develop important leadership competencies and skillsets during your time on the committee.

  • Virtual and in-person presentation skills
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership and motivating others

You will also gain firsthand insight into the MSA Coalition, be able to network and connect with fellow volunteer leaders and contribute your expertise to advance the organization’s strategic plan.

How to Apply
Please use our online application. If you have any questions, please contact

Please submit your completed application by October 25, 2022.