MSA Awareness Month Banner

MSA Awareness Month Event Listing

Week 1: Advocacy

Monday, March 1: Download our Facebook frame (go to

Tuesday, March 2: Get some MSAC merchandise here.

Wednesday, March 3: Post on social media. Hashtag #shinealight

Thursday, March 4: Proclamation of MSA Awareness Month by state

Friday, March 5: Host an event to raise awareness? Here’s how to do it!

Saturday, March 6: Write a letter to the editor of local newspaper.

Week 2: Support

Sunday, March 7: Call our toll free support line (866) 737-5999.

Monday, March 8: Looking for recipes for easy-to-swallow foods?

Tuesday, March 9: Share a few suggestions for family and friends.

Wednesday, March 10: Looking for a support group? Here’s a list.

Thursday, March 11: Looking for a neurologist? Check here.

Friday, March 12: Make a list of your care team, keep it for ready access.

Saturday, March 13: Check out the Annual MSAC Conference Videos.

Week 3: Education

Sunday, March 14: Have questions about MSA? Click here.

Monday, March 15: COVID vaccine? Check out our webinar.

Tuesday, March 16: Early symptoms of multiple system atrophy? MSA Coalition Q & A.

Wednesday, March 17: Sign up for our newsletter!

Thursday, March 18: Music Therapy? Give it a listen!

Friday, March 19: You are not alone…Listen to “It Takes A Village.”

Saturday, March 20: Ask your employer if they offer a Matching Gift Donation Fund.

Week 4: Research

Sunday, March 21: MSA research trials (click here)

Monday, March 22: Listen to the 7th International Conference of MSA.

Tuesday, March 23: Sign up and participate in MSA research – Be part of the solution!

Wednesday, March 24: Get up to date on some of the Latest research results.

Thursday, March 25: The MSA Coalition invested $2 Million in research since 2013.

Friday, March 26: Reviews some of our supported research projects.

Saturday, March 27: Watch our webinar on MSA miRNA Biomarker research.

Week 5: Shine Your Light!

Sunday, March 28: Like or Follow us on Facebook.

Monday, March 29: Post your Top 5 tips for Care Partners & Families on Facebook and tag @MultipleSystemAtrophyCoalition.

Tuesday, March 30: Invite a friend or family member to join an online support group.

Wednesday, March 31: Share Your Story – Write a review of MSAC at Great NonProfits.