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Patient Perspective: Living With MSA

Patient Perspective: Living With MSA

By Sharron Mills Amy was the MSA Coalition’s 20,000th Facebook fan! When we reached out to her to thank her for helping us reach this milestone, she sent us her warm greetings from Australia and told us about her friend Sharron, who has MSA. Amy helped Sharron write...

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Lessons That Guide My MSA Journey

Lessons That Guide My MSA Journey

By Cathy Chapman, Patient Representative, the MSA Coalition Multiple system atrophy. As a patient, hearing these words brings out a flood of emotions – some of which include fear and overwhelming loneliness for what is ahead. I'd like to share with you lessons I have...

Caregiver Corner: Plan Early for Later

Caregiver Corner: Plan Early for Later

By Cory Hutchinson After my mother was diagnosed with MSA, I thought the remainder of our time together would consist of my father and I helping her manage daily life, making sure she took her medications, and making sure she was happy. I was blindsided by the...


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