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You Walk Away? | A Poem from an MSA Patient

By Teresa Baker I write a great deal of poetry in order to express feelings, ideas, and opinions which come from someplace deep inside which cannot be easily explained; but I also think and express myself using abstract ideas which come through better using poetry. I...

MSA Instruction Manual

By Amy Davis When my husband was diagnosed with MSA-P in 2017 and after the shock of what we would be dealing with, I immediately wished for an MSA instruction manual. Through all the numerous doctors’ appointments, nothing prepared me for the frightening symptoms my...

The Lessons MSA has Taught Me

By Kathleen Shada First, I want to gratefully acknowledge my privilege. Thanks to my parents and family, I‘ve never wanted for anything. Also, I’ve been very lucky to have caring friends who have supported me in various ways during this journey. My MSA journey started...

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