Join Us Virtually for The World’s Largest Patient-Centric
Multiple System Atrophy Conference

This annual conference is a free virtual event open to MSA patients, their families and care partners, and healthcare professionals. Our host medical facility for this year’s conference is UT Southwestern Medical Center.

The MSA Coalition has put together an outstanding program this year to assist you in Navigating MSA.

Hosting live in person conferences since 1989 and live streaming them since 2014, the MSA Coalition’s conferences continue to provide support and education in the safest way possible. With nearly a decade of experience as the host of the largest globally broadcast MSA conferences and featuring talks by medical professionals with expertise in MSA, scientists working on finding treatments and a cure, patients and care partners, other global advocates and more, the MSA Coalition’s trusted lineup of events is a must for every MSA family.

Why You Should Attend the MSA Coalition Annual Patient & Family Conference