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MSA Coalition Newsletters

Report on MSA Coalition Funded Research: Exendin-4

March 21, 2017 A new paper published online this month in the journal Brain “Insulin Resistance and Exendin-4 Treatment for Multiple System Atrophy” has added to a growing body of evidence that drugs designed to treat type 2 diabetes may have potential to treat multiple system atrophy and other neurodegenerative diseases. In this innovative work, partially… Continue reading →

Hope Through MSA Research Grants

UPDATE: The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition Global Seed Research Grant Program 2016 The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition’s panel of expert scientists and clinicians have just completed reviews for round 1 of this year’s MSA research grant program applications and the top tier projects as determined by the MSA Coalition’s Scientific Advisory Board have been invited to submit… Continue reading →

Why am I so positive given the fact that I have MSA?

My name is Tony Burrows and on March 26th of 2012, I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s disease, which in fact prompted me to write my first book entitled, “From a Hotelier to Parkinson’s Disease” which, if you are interested, is available on Amazon. It is autobiography of a young lad who progressed from his… Continue reading →

An Update on MSA Coalition Activities

The past two years have been a busy and transformative time for The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition. It has been a time with many positive achievements in the battle against MSA In 2013 we were known as the SDS/MSA Support Group, a small charity with just five volunteer Board members. Our scope of offering… Continue reading →

Researching Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in MSA

An Interview with Dr. Wolfgang Singer In contrast to the polarizing controversies surrounding the medical use of embryonic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells (those stem cells found in adult bone marrow and fat tissue) are free of ethical concerns. Mesenchymal stem cell research has evolved into a rapidly developing area of medical science with the… Continue reading →

I have Multiple System Atrophy. Am I Safe to Drive?

Often, Multiple System Atrophy Coalition volunteers get the question “Can I drive” or “When do I know it’s time to stop driving?” Some feel they are still able to drive and others decide to stop driving. At an Atypical PD+ support meeting co-hosted by Vera James of The MSA Coalition in Irvine, CA Kathy Eastman,… Continue reading →