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As part of its commitment to promote global awareness and research on multiple system atrophy, the MSA Coalition is a Prime Sponsor of the 7th International Congress of Multiple System Atrophy. The Congress will be hosted by the University of Tokyo and will be held virtually February 26 – 27. The International Congress of MSA brings together top researchers, clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to stimulate global collaboration in the urgent search for better diagnostic tools and treatments for MSA.

“The International Congress of MSA is the single most important meeting of MSA researchers and advocacy groups,” said Cynthia Roemer, EdD, Chair, Board of Directors, the MSA Coalition. “The MSA Coalition believes it is critically important to support and collaborate on a global level to improve outcomes for multiple system atrophy patients worldwide. After initiating the first Global MSA Advocacy meeting at the 2018 Congress, we are delighted to again host a meeting with our current charity partners as a means to unify our efforts. The MSA Coalition proudly supports the International Congress of MSA continuing many years of successful partnership.”

The MSA Coalition Board members Cynthia Roemer and Pam Bower will present the session “MSA Advocacy & Research Directions.” The MSA Coalition funds patient-centric collaborative research aimed at alleviating symptoms, slowing disease progression and discovering a cure. In 2020, the MSA Coalition surpassed $2 million in total research funded.

“We are very thankful to the MSA Coalition for its Prime Sponsorship of this Congress, and the University of Tokyo is proud to be the first ever Japanese host of this prestigious event,” said Shoji Tsuji M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Molecular Neurology at the University of Tokyo and President of the 7th International Congress of Multiple System Atrophy. “With virtual presentations by the foremost MSA research experts and top advocates to a global audience of scientists and healthcare professionals, considerable progress can be made towards advancing our understanding of the current state of MSA research. This Congress facilitates the continuing commitment of all participants to work collaboratively on a global scale to advance MSA research, the best hope for making progress against this horrible disorder.”

To learn more about the 7th International Congress of Multiple System Atrophy, visit the Congress website.