The Multiple System Atrophy Research Fund

The MSA Coalition® has an established multiple system atrophy research fund to support finding the cause and a cure for multiple system atrophy.  As a 501(c)3 charity donations made to the MSA Coalitionmay betax deductible for U.S. taxpayers.  It is the MSA Coalition’s belief that with a small number of MSA patients in the U.S. and globally, a centralized MSA Research Fund is critical to pooling money so the funds can be used in the most effective way possible.  To ensure the MSA Research Fund is put to good use on behalf of all MSA patients the Coalition has a goal of allocating at least 75% of funds received to research.

What the MSA Research Fund Supports:

The Multiple System Atrophy Research Fund is used to encourage and finance meaningful MSA research leading to the identification of causes, effective treatments and hopefully a cure.  Two important programs are now active and receive funding from The MSA Research Fund:

The Multiple System Atrophy Research Grant Program

Launched in April, 2013 The MSA Research Grant Program is designed to fund the most promising multiple system atrophy research. Researchers are encouraged to submit their proposals to The MSA Coalition,where it will be reviewed by a world-class scientific advisory board (SAB) and advocate research committee (ARC).  On an annual basis the SAB and ARC will award funding to the most promising MSA research.

The Don Summer’s Memorial MSA Travel Award

Given in partnership with the American Autonomic Society (AAS), the MSA Travel Award provides annual awards for the best MSA research presented at the Annual AAS meeting.  These grants to the AAS encourage MSA research by providing researchers an incentive to study this rare disease and to receive recognition and financial support for doing so.

Please contact the MSA Coalition if you have any questions about donating to the MSA Research Fund.

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