2017 Multiple System Atrophy Seed Grant Research  Program – Call for Proposals

This page was updated January 24, 2017.

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition requests grant applications for research relevant to the cure, cause, prevention, improved treatment, diagnosis and/or understanding of Multiple System Atrophy.  Seed grants of up to $50,000 each are available.  All applications must be submitted to The MSA Coalition via email by March 6, 2017 – 5pm US ET.

Through this initiative, The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition invites grant applications from professionals committed to conducting novel, emerging, or innovative research that could lead to greater understanding of Multiple System Atrophy and other neurodegenerative disorders.

Applications are accepted from anywhere in the world.

Maximum Grant Amount Available: up to $50,000 for a ONE YEAR TERM

2017 Research Program Deadlines:

  • Pre-Proposals Due: March 6, 2017 – 5pm US ET
  • Full Proposal Invitations: by April 1, 2016
  • Full Proposals Due (by invitation only): May 15, 2017 – 5pm US ET
  • Anticipated Award Announcement: September 2017
  • Anticipated Funding: October 2017 (50%) and April 2018 (50%)

Financial Awards:

The MSA Coalition Seed Grant Research Program will award amounts up to $50,000 to the top ranking research proposals for a ONE YEAR TERM.

  • 50% will be awarded upfront.
  • A six month progress report must be submitted and reviewed.  After a satisfactory review the remaining 50% will be awarded.
  • A final report will be requested.

Please note:  Overhead or indirect costs will NOT be considered as part of this award.    Budget must include direct costs only.

Submission Instructions:

Download the: MSAC_Preproposal_Template_2017

All pre-proposals must be submitted by completing the attached pre-proposal template and emailing to:  Pam Bower pbower@msacoalition.org

Questions?  Please direct to:

Pam Bower pbower@msacoalition.org
Phone: (902) 817-0902

Grants provided through this program are made possible by donations from individuals and organizations to the restricted research fund held at the MSA Coalition.  All medical decisions guiding the MSA Coalition’s Research Grant Program are made by the MSA Coalition’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Basis for receiving a MSA Coalition Research Grant:

The MSA Coalition Scientific Advisory Board will consider each full proposal received and provide objective ratings.  The relative ranking score of each proposal and the amount of total funding available will determine the final grants awarded.  Higher ranking will be given to projects that display a high degree of collaboration among two or more separate research institutions.

Proposals will be judged and ranked on the following scientific merit:

  • Importance of the proposed research and its relevance toward meeting the stated MSA research goals of The MSA Coalition
  • Adequacy of prior research and theory in providing a basis for the proposed work
  • Adequacy of methods
  • Adequacy of environment: facilities/equipment, available expertise (in-house and through consultants), research “atmosphere”
  • Qualifications and productivity of the PI and key staff
  • Time commitments of the PI and key staff
  • Availability of subjects/patients (if human model is used)
  • Adequacy of procedures for assessing the effect of interventions on outcomes
  • Any other factors that affect the applicant successfully addressing the research aims