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To my fellow children of MSA Warriors: You can still make a difference!

To my fellow children of MSA Warriors: You can still make a difference!


By Sarah Duffy-Clinton (In memory of Deb Duffy)

bitemeDeb Duffy suffered from Multiple System AtrophyWe watched our mothers and fathers courageously battle this unforgiving disease. We need to continue to courageously fight this disease in our loved ones honor; fight for funding to help researchers find answers and continue to support those who are impacted. And the best part of being a small army, is that every person can make a huge difference.

All children of MSA Warriors: Please create a fundraiser page NOW as part of the MSA Coalition’s Holiday Challenge Campaign, it takes just 5 minutes! Click “Fundraise for this Campaign” here:


Upload a few photos and write a short paragraph about your parent and their struggle. Then take a few minutes over the next 4 weeks to share the link to your page with your contacts on social media and in email. Every donation, no matter the amount, makes an impact. We need you to help continue the fight. Because, to quote my courageous mother who fought this disease with all that she had, “MSA can BITE ME!”

My mom was a kick ass fundraiser! She loved calling people and asking for money for a cause she was passionate about. Our passionate cause now is to help the MSA Coalition “Find a cure for MSA and help those currently struggling”. Now it’s our turn to give back to my mom… to countless moms and dads who have fought the good fight and to those who are now fighting – our MSA Warriors!

Mom fought this evil disease up to the end, refusing to give up hope that the doctors were only 80% certain that Multiple System Atrophy was the diagnosis (definitive diagnosis can only be made post mortem). She always said, “someone has to be in that 20% group, why not me.” While we all held out hope that she was right, unfortunately that was not the case. That is one of the hardest parts of this disease: the diagnosis. It can take years to diagnose, once all other potential diagnoses have been ruled out…and you can chase that diagnosis all over the world, but in the end, there is no treatment, no cure, nothing to slow down the progression…and this is where YOU come in.

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition is LEADING THE FIGHT TO CURE MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY while providing COMPASSIONATE SUPPORT and INFORMATIVE RESOURCES to benefit families affected by this serious, progressively disabling, neurodegenerative disease.

Any amount helps fund research that could eventually lead to a treatment and ultimately a CURE!

And it wouldn’t be a Deb Duffy plea without this phrase:


Thank you for your support!!!!”

Click to Visit Sarah Duffy-Clinton’s Fundraiser Page