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To All of Us

To All of Us

A Guest Blog Post By MSA Patient, Dan Gallivan

To All of Us,

The MSA Coalition and some 75 Individuals have done an outstanding job of collecting $106,000 in donations from family, friends, and co-workers. The $106k will be matched through the generosity of two families.

There is a problem, we are leaving $46k on the table and with the match it becomes $92k.

Dan-gallivanI was sitting in the quiet today, not feeling well and was thinking about the $46k our group needs to collect in order to get the whole match. As an individual I don’t know how to come up with $46,000. I was only able to collect $2900 in donations. I have not stopped, I am trying to do more.

Folks we cannot afford to leave this much money on the table. We need it for research. If not for us, then for the folks that come after us. But I prefer it be for us.

What came into mind was this statement “Just Ask”.

“Just Ask” for the donation. So as a “Group” if we just ask our friends, relatives, ex co-workers, a few wealthy individuals, we may be able to close the gap on the $46k.

So here is the plan of attack, each one of us will “Just Ask” for a $500 donation. Don’t be shy, “Just Ask” we need to be successful with only 92 donors to hit the $46k mark. Out of all of us that are reliant on the MSA Coalition I suspect there are more than 92 of us. So all of us need to “Just Ask” until we have 92, $500 donors, or, 115 donors donating $400 each, or 153 donors donating $300 each, or 230 donors donating $200 each or 460 donors donating $100 each. From there it is 614 @ $75, 920 @$50 and 1840 @$25. Or a combination of all of the 7 groups.

We can do this. We have until January 7th 2016 to get it done. Let’s help our friends at the MSA Coalition reach 100% of the match. Besides it all benefits us. So we need to get this done. We need the research dollars.

Now, I am praying hard that I do not offend anyone. It is not my intent.

Please listen, we are the experts, who else is better equipped to explain to a donor what their donation means to us. We are living this nightmare. What it also means, is a trained staff, ongoing research, support groups, reading materials, professional speakers, conferences bringing doctors and researchers together, linking the UK and Japan with us. We need this money, let’s go out and “Just Ask” for the donation.
If you do not have an account set up you can use my CrowdRise account; just click on the link below: :

Please accept my apology if I have offended anyone.

God Bless Us all;

Dan Gallivan

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