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The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition® Launches Its MSA Can’t Take Campaign on Giving Tuesday

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition® Launches Its MSA Can’t Take Campaign on Giving Tuesday

Program addresses the things MSA can’t take from those affected and drives awareness for importance of donations

Charlotte, N.C. – December 1, 2015: The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition has announced the launch of its MSA Can’t Take campaign to drive awareness and funds for Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) research, timed today to coincide with Giving Tuesday 2015, a global day of fundraising. MSA Can't Take the love I have for my familyy

Multiple System Atrophy takes many things from patients including their ability to work and be productive, to do simple daily activities like walking to the mailbox and eating without help, and ultimately life itself. The program is intended to emphasize what MSA Can’t Take from those affected by the condition, such as the will to fight and determination to find a cure. Additionally:

  • With earlier diagnosis, MSA won’t take away as much meaningful time for love, hope and laughter with family and friends. The earlier patients know, the more years they have to focus on enjoying what they can still do, especially during the early, less disabling stages.
  • With more effective treatments, MSA won’t take so soon a patient’s abilities to control movement and balance, drive a car, remain employed and continue so many other things we take for granted.
  • When we reach a cure, MSA will no longer be able to take everyone who develops Multiple System Atrophy to a premature end – as is unfortunately the case today.

“We’re excited to launch our MSA Can’t Take campaign to recognize the strength of those affected by the disease and the importance of donations to support MSA research,” said Don Crouse, Vice Chairman of the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition. “As we enter the holiday giving season, we’re urging those who know about MSA to consider giving a gift this year and informing others about the contributions they’re making. We’re encouraging patients will get involved, too, by answering the question: ‘What is something MSA can’t take from you?’ They should then post their replies in video, photo or text on social on the MSA Coalition Facebook page using #MSACantTake.”

The MSA Coalition invites patients, family members, friends and co-workers to support the MSA Can’t Take campaign and contribute to the fight against Multiple System Atrophy. To support the cause, interested parties can start a crowdfunding effort via CrowdRise and spread the word on social media using the hashtag, #MSACantTake.

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