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Every Penny Counts

Every Penny Counts

Fundraising is the most important activity that any family affected by multiple system atrophy can do to help the cause. Unfortunately, fundraising can be intimidating and even scary.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Every year the MSA Coalition benefits from simple and inexpensive fundraising activities. Here are four easy ideas that fellow members of the MSA community are already doing to help:

Four Simple Ways to Raise Money For Our Cause


1) Spare Change Collection


Jenna Dexter shared this idea with us:

My dad, Richard Dexter, was diagnosed with MSA-C in November 2015. In 2017, our family and friends began to collect all the “change” we could find when we were out and about to fill up my dad’s change jar. My dad decided he would match all the change we added to his jar each year and donate the full amount to the MSA Coalition during the MSA Family Conference. This year we were able to donate $200 to the MSA Coalition. This is our family’s way to help contribute to all of the good work being done to help fight this rare neurodegenerative disorder that causes a multitude of symptoms such as impairments to balance, difficulty with movement, poor coordination, bladder dysfunction, sleep disturbances, and poor blood pressure control.

Imagine how much we could raise if every family in the MSA community donated their spare change.

2) Shop Amazon Smile Instead of Amazon

If you are already shopping on Amazon, then why not switch to Amazon Smile? It is the exact same platform, with all the same deals and Amazon Prime free shipping.

The only difference?

With Amazon Smile you can select the Multiple System Atrophy Coalition as your charity to support. A small percentage of every purchase is donated to us by Amazon. In total, with very low participation, the MSA Coalition has already received more than $4,500 from Amazon.

Just be sure to go to Amazon Smile instead of Amazon. It is super easy and only requires you to keep shopping!

Imagine how much money we could get from Amazon if everybody that knows an MSA patient shopped on Amazon Smile? It’s a lot!!!!

Here is what Raymond “Bill” Werre says about Amazon Smile:

Just for your information, there is a way to provide funds to The MSA Coalition without any cost to you. If you buy anything from Amazon go to…

Then find The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition and select it for your donations. Anything you buy from will result in a donation to the MSA Coalition (including medical supplies like adult diapers). I don’t buy much from Amazon, BUT I have provided $5.48 this year as a result, 1000 like me would be $5480 and 10000 like me would be $54,800.

3) In Lieu of Gifts

This idea is perfect for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Host a party and ask for donations to the MSA Coalition instead of gifts.

Use the MSA Coalition’s GoFundMe platform to easily create a personalized In Lieu Of Gifts fundraiser. It is a great place to tell your story, share pictures and a video and it comes with your own personal URL. Now all you have to do is invite people to your party and share the link for them to make donations instead of bringing a gift.


4) Self-Sacrifice For The Cause

What activity is an indulgence that we could do without? Is it a cup of coffee at the cafe? A movie at the theatre? Dinner out? Others?

To support the cause give up an indulgence for a day, week or month and donate the difference to the MSA Coalition. Challenge your friends and family to do the same.

Donate your spare change to the multiple system atrophy coalition