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Let’s face it. Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a rare disease with approximately 15,000 diagnosed patients in the US at any given time and as far as we know, there are no celebrities that are affected by MSA. This means as members of the MSA community we need to raise money and create awareness at a grass-roots level.

If we all contribute to advocate and talk about MSA, as a group we can make our voice heard. Here is a good example – Just this week the State of Ohio voted in unanimous fashion to name March officially as MSA Awareness Month. Just a few members of the MSA community accomplished this tremendous win through local efforts. Together we can make a big difference!

The SDS/MSA Support Group and First Giving

This week, thanks to help from Pam Bower The SDS/MSA Support Group got up and running on First Giving. First Giving is a website that makes it easy for charitable organizations to create fundraising accounts. Even better, the website makes it very easy for individuals to set up fundraising campaigns to support the charities of their choosing. In just the past three days, five fundraising campaigns have been set up with donations going to the SDS/MSA Support Group. Already, more than $900 has been raised.

Set Up Your Fundraising Campaign for MSA

Click here to go to the SDS/MSA Support Group page on First Giving and follow the easy directions to set up a campaign. You can create campaigns for all kinds of fundraising events, including:

  • In memory or honor of a loved one
  • To mark a special date
  • To raise money through fundraising events:
    • Bowling night
    • Dance party
    • Walking or jogging event
    • Garage sale
    • Growing a beard or mustache
    • Any other creative ideas you may have

After setting up the campaign, create awareness using First Giving social media tools and email tools. If fundraising isn’t possible for you right now, consider supporting a campaign that is already up and running:

Donate a Dollar to MSA

Pam Bower and Dave Richard’s Fundraising Page

Remember, it doesn’t, matter if the campaign is big or small. Every voice counts as we work to create noise and awareness for multiple system atrophy.

Please comment below with creative ideas for MSA fundraising campaigns.