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Every March is Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month! As we dig into February it is time to start organizing and thinking about what we can do as a community and as individuals to raise public knowledge of our rare neurodegenerative disorder. Here is a list of activities to be considered for this March:

  • Write to your elected officials and tell them you suffer from a rare disease called multiple system atrophy. Tell how the disease impacts your life and ask for research funding. If you also suffer from neurogenic orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure upon standing) tell them new treatment options are needed. Click here for an easy to use online letter submission tool!
  • Set up a meeting with your state representative during March to tell them about multiple system atrophy.
  • Purchase an American flag from your US Senator’s website to be flown over the US capital one day in March. Request that it be recognition of multiple system atrophy awareness month.
  • Buy some purple light bulbs and use them for your porch/outdoor lighting for the month of March.
  • Write to your local newspaper and ask them to run a story about MSA.
  • Ask your state government to recognize March as MSA Awareness Month.
  • Wear a purple ribbon/or bracelet each day during the month.
  • “Like” various Facebook posts that are discussing multiple system atrophy.
  • Make a donation to the MSA Coalition and ask your network to join you!
  • Start a fundraising campaign in honor or memory of a loved one.
  • Start a Twitter account and us MSA in your @account – i.e @Bob-MSA and follow @MSACoalition

Please comment below! Which activities are you going to participate in? Do you have any other ideas for raising MSA awareness?