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Authored by Dan Gallivan, an MSA patient and active fundraiser.

I assume that the vast majority of people who like the MSA Coalition Facebook page did so because they have multiple system atrophy, or a spouse, caregiver, family member or close friend of someone with MSA or someone who has passed from MSA. As such, this truth, this appeal is for your contemplation and hopefully action.

msa-church-tableBefore I dig into my appeal let me first thank everybody who has ever shared an MSA post on social media, donated, and especially those who have done a fundraiser. Anything you do to support the cause is so greatly appreciated. The only way MSA will ever be defeated is if everybody affected by it creates awareness and raises money.

Individual donations, are of course, very important; however, setting up a fundraiser and asking your family and friends to contribute can multiply you impact by 10 or 20 times. Imagine if you donate $50. That is great, right? But then imagine if 20 people you know also donate $50. If 50% of the U.S. MSA community did this annually we would raise $6.5 million for research each year.

Dan Gallivan's MSA FundraiserIt is so doable!

We just need every MSA family to participate. With every MSA family fundraising it is not unrealistic to think that this next decade could deliver treatments to slow or halt MSA progression, or even see the identification of a cure. Without mass fundraising participation….

Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, way to few affected by MSA participates in fundraising activities. With only 13,000 Americans having MSA at any given time a one or two percent participation rate (130-230 active fundraisers) means the search for a cure is destined to be a long one, perhaps many decades or longer.

Don’t you want to defeat MSA, even if it is for a future generation?

img_20160605_175351I am telling you it is really easy to fundraise. Sure, it might be outside your comfort zone to ask family, friends, colleagues, and other to donate. But let me ask you this…. Isn’t it outside your comfort zone to be battling MSA as a patient, a caregiver, family member, or as a close friend. Wouldn’t you do anything to have a cure?

Well, as a rare disease that the vast majority of Americans and people around the world have never heard of, we the MSA community can only depend on ourselves to create the awareness and the funds to ultimately defeat MSA.

So here it is, the painful truth.

If you are impacted by multiple system atrophy and you don’t fundraise, your complaints about a lack of treatments and a lack of a cure will go unanswered.

And here is the emphatic appeal.

Please, please, please set up an online fundraiser and then email and socially share it with your network. All you need to do is click on the Blue “Fundraise for this Campaign” button to get started.