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Driven to Help Documentary

“I just want to make it to Christmas,” Austin Crawford says, as he fights a battle he can’t win with never-ending courage, drive, and of course flair.

Watch a recording of the premiere film screening of Driven to Help, a 55-minute documentary featuring the story of Milford resident Austin Crawford and his ongoing battle with Multiple System Atrophy. Join Austin in his 1970 Dodge Dart as he drives home the message that no matter how much is taken away, there’s still more to give, whether that’s at a local car show, tattoo parlor, or to his thousands of followers on TikTok.

This film screening event took place on the big screen at Trinity Church in Watseka, IL on March 11, 2022. The event recording includes comments from Austin Crawford as well as the filmmaker Phil Gioja, and a representative from the film sponsor Multiple System Atrophy Coalition, as well as a celebratory screening of the award-winning short documentary “Fighting MSA: Austin Crawford’s Story.”