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Join GoodShop to Fight MSA

Join GoodShop to Fight MSA

You can help the fight against MSA just by shopping online at GoodShop and will allow you to download a browser extension called Gum Drop. This searches for coupons while you shop your favorite sites.

Every time you shop at any of over 4,000 retailers online, will donate a percentage of what you spend to The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition. You don’t have to stop shopping where you like to support the research into MSA, or to help educate patients, families and healthcare professionals.

Any purchases you make at any of the 4,000+ retailers will generate donations, 75% of which we will apply to the MSA Research Fund in the hope of eventually finding a cure.

An added benefit to joining the Goodshop program are the dozens of coupons and deals you’ll have access to for each of the 4,000+ retailers. You might want to use a1800Flowers coupon to get 25% Off Fresh Fruit Creations, or maybe a Shutterfly coupon to save $20 on Orders of $50. For these retailers, Goodshop will donate 7% and 2.5% to The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition, funds that will go mostly to research.

The Goodshop organization has already donated nearly $11 million to 110,000 non-profits nationwide, but they couldn’t have done that without the help from the non-profits’ supporters. For this program to work for the MSA Coalition, we need you to use the Goodshop portal every time you shop online. And if you have a moment, take a look at Goodshop’s sister sites such as, a Yahoo! powered search engine which pays one penny per search. You can use any of the Goodshop sites to generate donations for MSA Coalition.

To get started, sign up at, designate “The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition”’ as your non-profit, and use the Goodshop portal whenever you shop online. Just as with MSA, the more people we educate about this program, the better our results will be in the long-term. Thank you for your support!