Multiple System Atrophy Memorial Donations

The Multiple System Atrophy Memorial Envelopes are intended for distribution at memorial services.  They will be sent via FedEx in lots of 25.  Please do not request an envelope for one individual donation.

On-Demand MSA Coalition Memorial Donation Forms

In lieu of flowers, please DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Multiple System Atrophy Memorial Donation Forms for tax-deductible donations in memory of a loved one, family or friend who suffered from multiple system atrophy.  You can print as many as you need for your memorial event and mailing directions are included on the form.

Create an online memorial fund:

You can also set up a dedicated online Multiple System Atrophy Memorial Fund page in honor of your loved one at First Giving.  The MSA Coalition is a registered member of First Giving, which makes it very easy for individuals to set up secure Internet based MSA Coalition fundraisers.

Why Donate to The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition has a continuing goal to increase both the number of donors and also the total dollar amount collected each year. The money raised will be used to fulfill our mission of finding a cure for MSA by encouraging and supporting MSA research, providing support and education to those affected by SDS / MSA, and advocacy on important rare disease issues. At least 75% of all funds received go directly into a dedicated MSA research fund where proceeds are used in funding important research grants on a global basis.  It should be noted, that the MSA Coalition has a global scientific advisory board to vet all research grant applications, ensuring funds are used in the most efficient way possible. In order to achieve our mission no donation will be considered to small or to large for a grateful acceptance.

The MSA Coalition is a 501(c)3 charity and all donations may be tax deductible (check with your financial advisor.)