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Practice Saying “Your Choice!”

Practice Saying “Your Choice!”

By Elaine Douglas, The MSA Coalition Board of Directors Dignity is one of the most important aspects of being human. Simply, dignity is about being seen, heard, and acknowledged for who we are and treated as if we mattered. The realities of having MSA can threaten a...

Music Therapy for MSA

Music Therapy for MSA

By Cathy Chapman, Patient Representative, the MSA Coalition Music engages multiple areas in the brain involved in emotions, cognition and motor function. It has been shown that Singing Music Therapy can improve breathing control and exercise vocal muscles that affect...

Memories, Advice and Virtual Hugs from Judy

Memories, Advice and Virtual Hugs from Judy

By Judy H. Biedenharn, RN, BS As people get older, they retire from their careers, often downsize their homes and, in general, tend to slow down their activities. I checked off the retirement item over ten years ago and am now working on the other two! To help...


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