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An Excerpt From In Each Other’s Bones

By Julia Freifield I wrote In Each Other’s Bones: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Living about my role as caregiver in my husband Mark’s battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). Coming out of the recent March MSA Awareness Month, it seems timely to share part of our...

MSA Arrives: the Beginning of the Journey

By Teresa Baker I heard my daughter’s panicked voice cry out “NO” as I lay on the gurney in the emergency room trying to make sense of what the movement disorder specialist was telling us on the telemedicine screen. He had my records from my doctor and was fully...

In Memory of Janet Lee Claus, 1959 – 2022

By Oscar J. Groebl, Jr. I came to know Janet Lee Claus after her diagnosis of MSA. Janet was my aunt-in-law. I was already familiar with Parkinson’s from being a caregiver and POA for my cousin. Janet was already showing signs of the devastation of MSA but was still...

Gastroparesis and MSA

By Cathy Chapman One of the autonomic functions that can be affected by MSA is the digestive system. Gastroparesis occurs when the stomach delays emptying due to poorly functioning muscles. It basically paralyzes your stomach, making it difficult to digest food and...

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