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Christmas and MSA

By Tom Tait Is this the last Christmas? How do you get through Christmas with your loved one who was just diagnosed with possible MSA. The question always on your mind is, "Will this be the last one?" That question will come and go along the MSA journey during many...

Saying Yes to Opportunities

By Christine Kozikas My story started in 2015 when I fell at the counter of the news agency I worked in, and a co-worker humiliated me by sharing security camera footage with every sales rep that came into the store. Little did I or they know that what appeared to be...

The Loving Sacrifice of Caregiving

By Deborah Park Hello, my name is Deborah and I'm a 25-year-old daughter whose mother lost her fight to Multiple System Atrophy on September 11, 2021. My story of caregiving began in 2018 when my mom was diagnosed with MSA-C. As a sophomore in college, I was...

Learning to Navigate Life Changes

By Wendy McCullough April 27th, 2023 marked 25 years since my husband, Jason, and I said, "I do." We vowed to love and care for each other through all of life's changes, and yet, when you are in your mid-twenties, you do not know exactly what that will mean. Life's...

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