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MSA Resources

MSA Resources

MSA Coalition – A Leading MSA Resource

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition is committed to providing outstanding, up-to-date resources for those affected by MSA. Whether you are a patient, care partner, family member, friend, treating physician, or therapist, you deserve access to the best available information, both on this website and other trusted partner sites.

Below is a list of page links to important resources on our website and other websites where you can find additional information about multiple system atrophy, related conditions, and information important to those with rare diseases:

Download Our "What is Multiple System Atrophy?" Brochure

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Download Our "About The MSA Coalition" Brochure

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Get Connected With The MSA Community

Find a local in-person support group, join an online discussion group, attend a monthly support webinar – there are many options to connect with other patients and families!

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Click below to join others in your region. Not in the US? Join one of our Global Discussion Groups.

Patient & Care Partner Resources


Learn About MSA Research

Global MSA Registry (GLOMSAR)

Every Patient Should Join

Enrolling in GLOMSAR not only allows you to share your information for future research studies but will also inform you of any research study or clinical trial for which you qualify. GLOMSAR is partially funded by the MSA Coalition. Learn more.

*** NOTE: As of November 2019, the GLObal MSA Registry is currently unable to accept new registrants. The site is being moved to a new host and will be made available as soon as the move is completed.

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