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Multiple system atrophy is a rare disease, so patients can often feel isolated. This page provides reliable information about MSA so you can better understand symptoms and treatment. You’ll also find resources that help you know you are not alone. Patients share their stories, discuss their struggles, provide tips on how to cope, and offer insights on how to live your best life.

About MSA

Articles & Blogs

Informal Poll Shows Toll of MSA on Patients

We conducted a poll on the Patients Journey Facebook Group page, and asked “What loss from MSA do you or have you feared most?” While this was not a scientific study, it does help convey challenges, concerns, and fears shared by many MSA patients.

Patient Perspective: Living With MSA

MSA patient Sharron’s personal story offers some great advice and insights for people with MSA.

Strategies for Life After a Diagnosis: Advice from Patients and Care Partners

Professional researchers interviewed 17 MSA patients and three caregivers. Some advice emerged from those interviews that we thought might be helpful to other patients and caregivers on their MSA journey.

Travel Guide for MSA Patients and Families

A diagnosis of MSA does not mean the end of travel for patients and their families. As outlined in this guide, it is possible, at many stages of MSA, to travel – from adventurous, overseas trips, to close-to-home vacation stays, and everything in between.

Brain Donation Information for MSA Families

There are two primary reasons to arrange to donate a multiple system atrophy patient’s brain. One is to confirm the diagnosis, and the other is to assist researchers in finding a cause, and ultimately a cure, for multiple system atrophy. Learn more.

Webinars, Videos & Classes

Music Therapy Lyric Videos

It has been shown that Singing Music Therapy can improve breathing control and exercise vocal muscles that affect swallowing and speech. You can sing along to a recording of your favorite song, or if you need help with the lyrics, try out on of the lyric videos selected for MSA patients.

Music and Movement with Rhythmic Reminiscence™

Rhythmic Reminiscence™ is a music and movement program developed at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, NV to help those who find traditional exercise programs challenging to keep moving. This presentation was part of the 2021 Multiple System Atrophy Coalition Annual Patient and Family Conference.

Find a Local MSA Support Group

MSA can make you feel isolated. We invite you to participate in an MSA support group in your area. Support groups offers patients and their care partners a forum to interact with others dealing with the same challenging disease. Get practical advice, find support, and know that you are not alone.