Apply for a Multiple System Atrophy Research Grant

The goal of The MSA Coalition® Research Grant Program is to pinpoint a clear cause of multiple system atrophy and to identify a cure or effective therapies that slow, halt, or reverse the insidious progression of MSA. The areas of research listed below are the focus of current emphasis and funding by The MSA Coalition:

  • Studying possible causes of MSA with the hope of identifying promising targets for therapy.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of drugs or other interventions that have neuroprotective qualities and offer the possibility of slowing, halting or reversing the rapid progression of MSA.
  • Identifying potential cures for MSA.

The development of effective therapies for multiple system atrophy is a high priority for the organization; however, basic research will be supported if it has clear potential to accelerate progress at the applied end of the continuum and/or if it reflects a research “change of direction.” The MSA Coalition discourages submission of basic research projects more appropriately funded by NIH or related government agencies.

Scientific Merit:

  • Importance of the proposed research
  • Adequacy of prior research and theory in providing a basis for the proposed work
  • Adequacy of methods
  • Adequacy of environment: facilities/equipment, available expertise (in-house and through consultants), research “atmosphere”
  • Qualifications and productivity of the PI and key staff
  • Time commitments of the PI and key staff
  • Availability of subjects/patients (if human model is used)
  • Adequacy of procedures for assessing the effect of interventions on outcomes
  • Any other factors that affect the applicant successfully addressing the research aims

Grant Review Process:

  • The MSA Coalition will host an annual Grant Review Workshop comprised of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Advocate Research Committee (ARC) with the purpose of reviewing research grant and awarding grant monies.
  • An annual deadline will be set for submitting research grant proposals.
  • Each year grants will be awarded equaling no more than 50% of The MSA Research Fund’s balance at the close of business on the day prior to the Grant Review workshop.
  • Awards will be granted based on their merit in advancing the goals of The MSA Coalition Research Grant program and in comparison to other research grant proposals being reviewed.
  • Research Grant Awards will be announced via press release.
Please contact Don Crouse at 866-737-5999 x203 or via email if you have any questions about the MSA Research Grant Program.