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The MSA Purple Rain Challenge

The MSA Purple Rain Challenge


The official color of multiple system atrophy awareness is purple. As such, we want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Prince’s Purple Rain album, while generating greater awareness for MSA.

A purple rain drop hits the ground and The MSA Coalition challenge is under way

Start a #MSAPurpleRain Challenge on CrowdRise

The MSA Purple Rain Challenge (#MSAPurpleRain)is simple:

Oops, don’t forget to turn on your video camera (a smart phone works, too.)

Post your videos on social media sites and use the hash tag: #MSAPurpleRain

“Let’s Get Crazy” for MSA Awareness and Raise Money, Too!

“Purple” is the color of the sky at dawn, blurring blue and red, a time of transition mixing the dreary with the sublime. “Rain” can represent sadness (and tears), life’s troubles, or fears…but it can also represent a type of cleansing and clarity. Multiple system atrophy patients and families go through this range of emotions every day. That’s why, this summer, we want to see all of you out dancing in the purple rain!

Can you imagine how much silliness and fun we can all have while helping raise funds and bringing greater awareness to Multiple System Atrophy?!

Who knows?

We might just get a gem or two in the form of a video, that goes viral and does wonders to help generate awareness for this rare disease! At the very least, this worldwide Purple Rain tribute to MSA will be a blast and help us #DefeatMSA!

The MSA Purple Rain Challenge Ask:

Choose to make a video and post it using #MSAPurpleRain – Donate just $10


Pass on making a video – We ask for a $100 donation


In your video and in your social media posts asks others to take the challenge.

Disclaimer: As copying is the sincerest form of flattery, we thank the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for helping to inspire ideas around our own original idea to create MSA awareness and sell tee-shirts using the Purple Rain theme.